Date: Friday, May 31st - Sunday, June 2nd, 2013
Location: Hilton Anitole, Dallas, TX

A-Kon 24 celebrated another year at a new venue, the Hilton Anitole. The hotel was a lot classier and organized than the Sheraton, but parking was an issue as attendees had to do plenty of walking. The hotel was filled with separate rooms for artists, vendors, concerts, dances, videos, gaming, panels and more! There were late night dances every night to let con-goers enjoy some nightlife and unwind. The outside garden also made for some outside relief and beautiful photography backdrops. No one was left hungry as there were food trucks out front, restaurants inside and a food court setup with variety. Thanks to all the fans and staff that let us participate in this spectacular event and let us take some incredible photos and video! Official Website!

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