Date: Sat, Aug 30th, 2014
Location: Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta

The Dragon Con parade is display of love for everything fantasy and nerdy. For over two hours, fans parade down Peachtree Street in full costume to show off their passion. There were superheros, Ghostbusters, aliens, haunted props, storm troopers and even all the movie cars.

Dragon Con is one of the biggest conventions in North America located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1987, it is now held in five hotels, mainly the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta Marriott Marquis and Hilton Atlanta (connected by sky-bridge). Costumes filled the hotels and poured out on the streets more and more as the weekend went on. I was amazed at how crowded it was on Sunday and then Monday.

There were so many cosplayers ranging from store-bought Halloween costumes to intricate 8-ft robots walking around, but everyone was made comfortable with a sense of camaraderie between fellow nerds and geeks. Each of the sold-out hotels housed multiple floors of every activity you could imagine. Featuring hundreds of celebrity guests, artists, dealers and panels, there was plenty to do for fans of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, and other fan cultures.
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