This 1967 Karmann Ghia nicknamed “Blue Mamba” is powered by a third gen Dodge Viper V-10 which produces over 650 horsepower. Who is crazy enough to drop a Viper V-10 into a Volkswagen? Dean, the man behind Deanz Rodz & Race Cars and John of the Custom Shop.

Dean began working on his Karmann Ghia four years ago. He purchased it after he spotted it sitting in the back of another shop. The Blue Mamba’s frame was hand fabricated by Dean himself. It’s a one-off frame that contains a billet independent rear suspension that can handle up to 1000 horsepower.

John widened the body, extended it by four inches in the front and moved the firewall back to make room for the engine. He then shaved the drip rails, shaved the door handles and installed a custom floor. He fabricated a set of tail lights and modified the headlights from a mini cooper to go up front.

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