Andrey Tyurin is a Russian artist who has an unparalleled talent combining two of his passions, photography and photoshop, to create fantastic and surreal arts. Not to mention that he is a young man of just 18 years! This young Russian, known for his "darkflawless" profile, seems to have a promising way to success ahead.

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1 andreytyurinphotoshop_001

2 andreytyurinphotoshop_002

3 andreytyurinphotoshop_003

4 andreytyurinphotoshop_004

5 andreytyurinphotoshop_005

6 andreytyurinphotoshop_006

7 andreytyurinphotoshop_007

8 andreytyurinphotoshop_008

9 andreytyurinphotoshop_009