If you wanted to build the ultimate bug-out truck, and weren’t concerned about money, what would you create? For Peter Dunkel, the answer to that question began with a huge Ford F750 commercial truck, and the budget was a staggering six million dollars. The result of his project was dubbed the F750 World Cruiser, and it’s quite the sight to behold.

The World Cruiser actually started out with a paltry $2 million budget, but that didn’t last long. Dunkel told Mecum Auctions, “Let’s just say the art piece got larger and we had to throw the budget out the window because we were going somewhere no one had ever tried to go.”

Creature comforts for passengers exceed even the most luxurious motorhomes, with a bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen, and living room area. Dunkel reportedly spent $20,000 on wiring alone, and installed an on-demand water heater, on-board air compressor, rear hoist, flat-screen TVs, and Kenwood Supreme entertainment system with flip-up exterior speakers (so you can play Flight of the Valkyries for the onlookers as you roll out of town). It can all be controlled by a wireless remote control from outside the truck, of course.