These incredibly realistic photos are actually just pencil on paper drawn by 22-year-old Japanese artist Kohei Ohmori. The Okayama-based prodigy spends more than 200 hours on each project, and his attention to detail is strikingly evident. Thanks to carefully-placed shading, ultra-thin lines, and a remarkably steady hand, Ohmori’s designs look as if they’re going to jump right off the page.

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1 koheiohmoripencil_001

2 koheiohmoripencil_002

3 koheiohmoripencil_003

4 koheiohmoripencil_004

5 koheiohmoripencil_005

6 koheiohmoripencil_006

7 koheiohmoripencil_007

8 koheiohmoripencil_008

9 koheiohmoripencil_009