Water Safety New Zealand in collaboration with ACC launched its summer awareness campaign aimed specifically at young Kiwi males in an attempt to bring down New Zealand’s high drowning toll. The Swim Reaper is a concept developed with the knowledge that young men are risk takers who overestimate their ability and often don’t think about the consequences of their bad decisions.

“We want all kiwis to enjoy the water this summer, whatever activity they participate in. We also want them to go home safely to their families at the end of the day. The Swim Reaper is not designed to scare families and children away from the beach, but to be the possible consequence of risky behaviour in, on or near water” says Mills.

Acknowledging a more confrontational approach, The Swim Reaper through its unique personality will deliver positive safety messages, underpinned by potential consequences for bad decisions. “We hope the Swim Reaper will take on a life of its own and really connect with young people. Our overall safety messages remain the same this summer; be prepared, watch out for yourself and others, be aware of the dangers and know your limits.”

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