Bernard Szukiel spent four years creating this absolute masterpiece of a Millennium Falcon model using nothing but paper, glue, and more patience than any single human being has ever had to muster before.

To be completely accurate, only about 99 percent of the 38-inch long model is actually made using paper. There are also some plastic bits used for windows, yards and yards of fiber optics, LEDs, and electronics used to light the ship's control panels inside—but the results are still just staggering. The attention to detail here rivals the models made by Industrial Light & Magic for the original Star Wars movies, except this is all paper. Paper!

Bernard referenced photos of the Falcon he found online to realize his creation, which takes it to a whole other level of impressiveness given how many tiny details he's included. Conduits, vents, wiring, it all appears to be included and painted flawlessly.

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