Korean Adult Doll Photography

This Korean photographer found another use for his adult doll. Not only is it cheaper in the long run than constantly hiring models, but also easier to pose them. With the progress these dolls have made with re...

Real-Doll Photography

Well photography deals with almost all facets of life and even those that take it on another level. Real Dolls are those used for adult 'companionship' and someone decided to dress them up, pose them and do a photo shoot. They are certainly easier to work with and probably cheaper than hiring real models.

Real Dolls Look Too Real

If you've ever seen "Lars and the Real Girl" you will know how obsessed people can get with these dolls. Real dolls are created inside Abyss Creatios in San Marcos, California. The amazing life-like dolls range from $6,000 and up, depending on details.

Chinese Barbie Yun Tang

The latest is a Chinese living embodiment of the plastic doll, a 19-year-old woman from China by the name of Yun Tang. This Chinese Barbie, who’s a student at Australia’s Adelaide University, has made waves on both Chinese and Japanese websites with her striking doll-like resemblance.

Bradford Barbie

This living doll is 21-yr old Lhouraii Li. She spends a good 4 hours a day preparing her Barbie look and calls herself Bradford Barbie.

Legally Blonde Barbie Girl

Charlotte Poole, 22 yrs old, spent a lot of money to look like a Barbie girl. But this blonde also has smarts. Charlotte recently celebrated achieving a Masters in Fashion Marketing and a law degree from Nottingham University

Living Doll’s Best Friend

Olga 'Dominica' Oleynik and Valeria Lukyanova are real life Barbie 'twins'. Dominica formed a close friendship with Valeria Lukyanova as they have a lot in common. Both have transformed their looks with surgery...

Vampire Dolls

These creepy little baby dolls are cute and horrifying at the same time. Just remember not to stab them in the heart when suddenly stumbling upon them in the night. ...

Reborn Baby Dolls

Designed primarily as toys for mothers-to-be and kids clothes mannequins, reborn dolls are rapidly gaining popularity among collectors and women who are unable to have their own kids

Chinese Doll Girl

Chinese female high school student Wang Jiayun has become famous on the Korean internet, for looking like an inflatable doll