Brazilian Human Barbie

A Brazilian woman who has been likened to a 'human Barbie' claims her appearance is natural and she hasn't had plastic surgery or starved herself to be thin. Andressa Damiani, from Blumenau, who has a 20-inch ...

The Perks of Working at EA Sports

EA Sports makes the best sport games on the market and it's probably a big part to the many opportunities offered to it's employees. Rivaling almost Google and Facebook workplaces, EA gives it's employees everything needed to take the stress off and enjoy life.

Apocalyptic Portraits by Jason Sinn

Jason Sinn is an inventive and passionate fine art portrait, landscape, and commercial photographer based in Sacramento, California. Known for his cinematic approach, thoughtful vision, and deep appreciation for story-telling

Coming of Age in America

Joseph Szabo has photographed teenagers for the past four decades. His images perfectly capture the nuances and emotions of adolescence, and they document his subjects in moments of uncertainty

Batman-Themed Wedding

Ali Butrym and Ryan Jeziorski from Fort Worth, Texas, were dressed as Harley Quinn and the Joker, in their elaborate batman-themed wedding. They share the same love and passion for characters as most cosplayers do. All attendees were dressed up as different superhero costumes, including Ali's dad as Iron Man.

Royal Navy Peregrine Trophy

The award’s primary purpose is to encourage the production of eye-catching, powerful imagery that can be used in the media to demonstrate the Royal Navy and Royal Marine’s operations. The role of photography, portraying the work of the Royal Navy has never been more important.

Civil War Photos

There definitely weren't as many photos and cameras back over a century ago, but these gems survived the ages to give us a clear picture of what life was like during America's civil war.

Gypzy Life

Life of gypsies as seen by a German photographer. Joakim Eskildsen spent several years living with gypsies in the different parts of Europe and India. ...


The latest fad is called Vadering, where one does the famous force choke on a victim that's suspended in air. ...